Step 1

Create a new chat with Telegram user StupidgoalPayBot then click the Start button.

Step 2

After receiving the welcome message, choose your subscription by clicking the Stupidgoal Vip button.

Step 3

Click the Credit/Debit Card button.

Step 4

Click the Subscribe button, which will create a unique payment link for you.

Step 5

Now you have the unique payment link, click Open and you'll be taken to our payment provider

Step 6

Insert your card details then click Subscribe.

Step 7

After the payment is successful, go back to the Telegram chat. First click Status then click Join channel Stupidgoal Vip.

Step 8

You should now be in the VIP channel.

After 1 month the subscription will renew automatically and your card will be charged again, but you can cancel the subscription by following the instructions below.


Cancel Your Subscription

Cancelling means that the next time the subscription is due for renewal, your card will not be charged again.

To cancel, create a chat with Telegram user StupidgoalPayBot and, if no option appears, click the Start button to begin.

Click the Status button, select your subscription then click Cancel subscription.